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Tuesday, April 12 - Zion National Park

Zion National Park - wow! Indescribable beauty and grandeur...mountains, colors, cliffs, waterfalls, narrow valleys - again another reason we should visit our national parks.  More than half the people we meet are from Europe - they know!  We hiked until we were pooped, and finished the evening with a campfire and marshmallows :).









Some rock climbers....

Wednesday, April 13  - Zion

Slept 10 hrs last night, began hiking at 9:30 and stopped at 6:00.  We go slowly, taking pictures and identifying flowers. We stopped for lunch (peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and banana) on top of a lookout point, then went to the lodge and had a good helping of ice cream before going on another hike.  We counted our blessings for the umpteenth time.  New birds we saw: black throated sparrow, western scrub jay.  The Virgin river was flowing quite fast because of recent rains, and we were amused with a merganser that was bobbing up and down and conquering the river. Many wild turkeys here as well.




More of Zion:



Happy campers!


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