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Saturday, April 16 - Escalante Petrified Forest State Park

On the way to the state park....


Made our way to Escalante Petrified Forest State Park.  Yep...petrified trees.  More color.  Actually the color in these petrified wood specimens are exactly the same colors that appear in the hills around us...that's where the colors came from.



Isn't that beautiful?

Apr 16 - Devil's Garden

We moved on after a nice hike to see the petrified wood to a place called the Devil's Garden.  This place is down a 12-mile dirt road (practicing for Alaska?) called Hole-In-The-Rock near the town of Escalante.  The road was bad - like a rub board, and we were well shaken.  No soft drinks tonight!
We moved up the dirt road and stopped for the evening...Ed to bring the internet journal up to date, and Patty to write her journal and to check her flower and bird entries.



Sunday, April 17 - Route 12 to Capitol Reef National Park

Drove up Route 12 towards Capitol Reef National Park.  This road is very spectacular...we climb on one side through the desert canyons up to 9200 ft, then down the other side through a ponderosa pine forest.  In overlooks, you can see as far as the eye can see.  Stopped for church at a small Baptist church in the town of Torrey (eight people there, including the pastor; and of the eight, four were visitors).   Then off to Capitol Reef National Park.


Can you see our camper in the pictures? The size of these cliffs is overwhelming. Notice also the blue skies in all of our pictures.  We haven't had a rain day yet for a long time.

Can you see the snow-covered mountains in the background in the pictures that follows ? 








Monday, April 18 - Capitol Reef National Park







We were worn out from so much traveling, so we took most of the day working on the truck (changing spark plugs, repairing a broken bolt, etc.) and rearranging the stuff in the truck and camper.  Capitol Reef NP is like an oasis in the desert.  It is surrounded by large colorful cliffs.  The Fremont river, now running fast and deep and muddy because of snow melt, runs through here making it a desirable place to the Indians, then the Mormon pioneers. The latter planted orchards of apricots and other fruits which are still here.  The small settlement here used to be called Fruita.  Birds: red-naped woodpecker.

Tuesday, April 19 - Hickman Bridge

We left Capitol Reef and took a nearby trail to the Hickman Bridge.  This took a few hours, then we drove the rest of the day towards Moab. We spent the night along the Colorado River in a BLM campground on Hwy 128, a beautiful drive.  We had fought wind all day and thought we were protected among the cliffs on the river, but it found us and blew terribly into the night.  Sand and dirt everywhere.  We just closed the doors, windows and vents and watched a movie :-).  Flowers: mustard, blue violet, claretcup cactus, Canada milk vetch.

  See Patty there?


The desert in bloom. Amazing, isn't it?


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