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Wednesday, August 31- to Mt Kerkesin

Another great day: mostly sunny, cloudy at times but no rain.  Since we have only one day on this page, maybe we can put in a few more pictures.  We drove from Jasper to a campground at Mt Kerkesin.

Jasper Park Lodge and Lake Beauvert


Last picture below: 14th hole at the golf course there.  You have to drive from a small peninsula over the water onto the green.

Miette River


These are some of the types of cabin they rent at Jasper.  These styles would make a great house anywhere.

Athabaska River

Athabaska Falls


Athabaska Pass.  There, I think I have all my Athabaska's.






Whirlpool Valley


Mt Hardesty

Great looking rock!








Valley of Five Lakes

We took a couple of hikes.  The Valley of Five Lakes trail was especially colorful.  We saw these beautiful berry leaves, red and salmon berries, rose hips (after all, Alberta is the wild rose province), aspen stands, and of course, we are always surrounded by mountains.














Horseshoe Lake

Another hike brought us to Horseshoe lake.

We are continually amazed at how much beauty we see every day.

Ed is reminded of a TV show about Maggie Muggins that he used to watch as a kid   She was a character that got herself into all sorts of adventures.  The show always ended by "Well, Maggie Muggins, what will happen tomorrow?"

The transmission was again making some noises today.




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