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Monday, July 18  - Ladies Salmon Fishing

This evening, the five SOWER ladies went salmon fishing, with Patty as the official photographer.  That's them with George before the fishing event.  George is one of the camp's cooks and is an avid fisherman.  He volunteered to take the ladies out fishing.  George looks like he's rethinking this thing...but the same ladies, a couple of hours later, had two large salmon.  No sign of George?



Shopping for fishing supplies

The event....(Note the coats in mid-July)

first, fishing lessons....



then, the fishing....


and the fish came....

getting them ready for eating the next day...these are big fish, these salmon.

the champs...

Tuesday, July 19

 It was raining today, so we had a variety of inside jobs to do.  We made toy blanks, made stair steps and painted them, and repaired the springs, axle and lights of a boat trailer.

That's Ed Rempel (l) and George Kroker (r) working on the brakes of several mountain carts.  These are like wide skateboards, with brake cables, that the kids like to use going!  Can you imagine what they were like without brakes? 


This evening, we were invited to the Schultz's house for dessert. Bert Schultz and his wife Donna (photo on the right) started the camp in 1958. We had a delightful evening as Bert told stories about Alaska in the 50's and the early days of the camp.  We were given a copy of their book which tells of their early struggles and triumphs.

Wednesday, July 20

We worked at our "regular" duties, the guys in the sawmill and the ladies in the kitchen.  All tired today. 

Thursday, July 21 - Official Sower Photo

Last day at camp. More of the same work.  That is the official camp photo. The camp director and some staff took us out to dinner tonight at a Chinese restaurant.  Three  SOWER couples are leaving tonight. We'll stay for a few days, as are the Nelson's.

After three weeks of camp and assigned duties, we are at a loss to know what to do next!

Friday, July 22 - Flowers at Camp

Day of rest at the camp.

Did you know that columbine can come in so many colors?  These and others are seen around the camp.  See others on the July1 page. 

We saw these at the horse corral where children were showing what horse skills they learned this week.  It was a rodeo in slow motion.




Saturday, July 23 - Soldotna Pioneer Day Parade

Today is the 45th Annual Soldotna Pioneer day.  A great parade (all the Muppets were there) followed by an afternoon at one of the parks with arts and crafts booths and an Air Force band.  It was just like another July 4th.





Weenies on Parade?

Salmon fishing

Fishing is still on most people's minds this weekend.  The salmon are running, and the catching of 4-7 pounders is easy.

Sunday, July 24- Wood Carvers

Church at Soldotna Bible Chapel again this morning.  We are enjoying this church. 

A lazy day again today.  We took in a couple of films at the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, one of them about a 51-yr old man who decided to move to the Alaska wilderness where he built his own tools to build his log cabin and everything in it, then lived there for  31 years.

We then stopped at the wood carvers on the way home.  How'd you like to have one of these in your front yard?

Today will be our last day in the Soldotna area.  Tomorrow, we're planning to drive east on the Sterling Hwy, then south on the Seward Hwy to Seward.





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