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Friday, July 29- Seward

We couldn't leave Seward without showing you some of the RV's here.  How about that Red Neck RV on the left or the old-timer on the right?  Alaskans seem to like old cars and see many of them on the road.







  Seward harbor

Exit Glacier

Leaving Seward, we stopped at Exit Glacier, the only glacier in Alaska that you can walk right up to.  It was very cold at the foot of the ice, about 20 degrees cooler than at the Visitor Center about 1/4 mile away.





Potter's Marsh

On the way into Anchorage, we once again stopped at Potter's Marsh to see birds, but there were few of them.  How's that for getting all your birds in a row?


What we did see, however, were two Chinook (king) salmon, the male about 3 feet long, the female a little smaller.  The picture on the right is taken just seconds after the male fertilized the eggs that the female had dropped! 

You don't have to watch National Geographic or Nature any more...we have the scoop right here!



Saturday, July 30

Anchorage Fish Hatchery

Well, more fish... We were so excited about yesterday's scenes that we went to the ship creek salmon hatchery in Anchorage. There were literally hundreds of kings in the creek, some of them trying to jump the dam.  The poor bird must be thinking "too many fish, too little time".


Anchorage Downtown Fishing

Fishing is really big in this part of Alaska.  The first scene on the left is in the middle of downtown behind some hotels.  The second picture is also taken in the city limits.





Since Friday, we have been staying at the Sam's parking lot with about 20 other RV's.  We spent some time with Eric, a young man about 18 who has left home because of father/step mother problems, and is sleeping in his car.  His car was showing symptoms of having a cracked head or ruptured head gasket, and of course he was without a job.  A hard place to be.   






Visitor Center

Sunday, July 31

The picture on the left is of a sculpture called "Leonardo Da Fishi's Last Supper". All over downtown Anchorage there are salmon sculptures (San Antonio has cattle). 

Another sculpture

We met a couple of ladies in a coffee house yesterday who told us about their church in Anchorage called ChangePoint.  We went there for services today and were blessed.  It was very much like the earlier days at Harvest International Church in Nashville, alive and with a convicting message.

Anchorage Flowers

Downtown Anchorage can hold its own in the flower department. These were taken in a city park.












At the pond


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