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Wednesday, June 1  - Welcome to the Yukon

Well, we made it to the Yukon by June 1.  There was a fancier sign later on, but this one caught our attention first.  It is raining today, but we still can see the mountains and valleys of this beautiful land.

Rancheria Falls

Watson Lake

We stopped at Watson Lake, which has the sign forest. At last official count in Dec 2004, there were over 54,000 signs! Say, Derek, know anything about that Austin sign?  And, Johnny, what about that Santee sign?

We stayed in Watson Lake for the afternoon, watched two movies at a visitor center and museum, one about the northern lights, the other about Mars.  Don't ask why you have to go to the Yukon to learn about Mars.

We left town about 5:00 pm, and drove for a few hours until we found a spot for the night...a pull out on the side of the road overlooking a forested lake with gulls (Bonaparte's gulls?) and a small bufflehead duck on it.  They were too far to take a good picture, but close enough in the binoculars for a rough identification.  I wish we could take pictures of all the birds and flowers we have would make quite a book or two!  We stopped earlier at a bird banding station hoping to see more birds, but there was no one there, probably because of the rain (and mud).

Thursday, June 2 - Swan Lake, Teslin, Mukluk Annie's

We stopped for sourdough pancakes at Walker's restaurant on the continental divide (Liard river to Mackenzie river to Beaufort Sea in the Arctic Ocean, and the Teslin river to Yukon river to the Bering Sea in the Pacific Ocean). We then stopped at Swan Lake where there was an hunting camp (see photo at left).  The log cabin even had a satellite dish! Later we also stopped at another lake (Teslin) where a boat beckoned us to go fishing.


That's Teslin Lake again, as you approach the  town form the east Alaska hwy. See, these three pictures show that the Yukon is even pretty where there is evidence of habitation.

We spent the evening at Mukluk Annie's Salmon Bake restaurant where we gorged ourselves on salmon and ribs, then took in a free boat ride on Teslin lake, a free campground, and a free RV wash.  On the right is Mukluk Chuck (sorry, that's what he calls himself!).  He was the boat captain and a lot of fun.  Can't you see the sparkle in his eyes?

June 2 - Teslin

A few more shots of Teslin as you are leaving going west.  Beautiful Place.


Friday, June 3 - Bird Banding in Teslin

We were thing and praying for Dorothy today.  Charlie was to have a memorial service in Houston..  We'll miss him.

Yesterday, we found out about a bird banding operation right there just west of Teslin.  Ben Schonewille, a young biologist from Teslin, was in charge with another half dozen college students helping him.  Birds were caught on about 20 nets in the woods, when they were soon extracted to be measured (beaks, wings, tails, weight, etc) and banded. We were able to see many birds real close while he was banding them.  Patty got to hold a few of the birds as well. We saw common yellow throat warbler, blackpoll warbler, yellow rumped warbler, purple finch, pine siskin, Swainson's thrush and gray jay, to name a few.












Flowers: pink lady slipper and forget me not.







There...that should satisfy those that think we should have more birds and flowers. 

We drove to Atlin (south of Yukon into B.C. on a 50-mile dirt road).

June 03 - Atlin, B.C.

Out vehicle needs a bath....

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