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Saturday, June 25 - Bus Trip #2

Here are some of the animals we saw on the second bus ride to Wonder lake.  Actually, we saw many more...but either Ed couldn't get to the camera fast enough or they were too far away.






Grizzly bear. This bear came across the highway, just in front of the bus.  Never looked at us, and never looked back when he had crossed.






Caribou.  Many.






Wolf (with caribou leg in her mouth). The wolf was trotting down the road in front of the bus for about 1/2 mile, before she went into the bush.  There were so many people crowding the right side of the bus to see her that I couldn't get a picture until a few sat down.  By then, she was off the road a bit.  Still quite an experience. ! 




Dall sheep and hoary marmot.  The dall sheep we saw several times on the high cliffs.





Crossfox pups






On the bus, we met a delightful family form Minnesota with children Ezra (7) and Serena (4 1/2).  This is Ezra with a moose antler (heavy!) , and Patty with a caribou antler.

...and sights to see....

At lunch, the clouds lifted ever so little from around Mt McKinley, so we at least got a glimpse of its outline. This is the best we could do that day taking a pictures of Mt McKinley.

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