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Wednesday, September 28

Patty's sister Penny's birthday today.  Happy Birthday, Penny!







Headed for Fort Collins, CO.  Scenery was wonderful: the aspens are at their peak yellow color.  

We stopped at the Moose State Park Visitor Center, where we saw a moose sculpture made of barbed wire!

Apparently, this part of Colorado has more than a few moose.





This is the highest we have been the entire trip: 10,276 feet at Cameron Pass.

We came to Fort Collins to see John and Betty Robinson, whom we haven't seen since they left College Station in 1995.  John recently (Friday) received a pace maker, and  is still in an after-care facility.  He is in a wheel chair (paralyzed many years ago in an accident), and he requires the strong use of his arms to move himself from chair to bed, etc., and they don't want him raising his right arm above his shoulder for several weeks to a month.  We were all blessed to be together and encourage each other in the Lord.  It was good remembering the past and to think about the future.

We spent the night at their house, in their finished basement, where John and Betty keep special room for missionary visitors. It was dark.  When Patty got up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, she got lost and Ed had to turn on the bedside lamp so she could find her way.  We had a good laugh!

Thursday, September 29 

John had been feeling badly yesterday evening and this morning, but it was determined that  it was the medicine that was having an adverse effect on him.  We had more good visit time, and said good-bye about 5:00 pm.  We want to arrive in Oklahoma tomorrow afternoon and it would be good to get a few miles behind us this evening.  We stopped at about 7:30, of course at a Wal-Mart.

The sunset over the Rockies behind us was, gold,!





Friday, September 30

Our good friend Dorothy has a birthday today!  Happy Birthday, Dorothy!  See you soon!

Patty had miscalculated the miles to Cache Oklahoma, our destination today, where daughter Aimee and her husband Gary are staying. We drove for about 12 hours, and were still about 1 1/2 hours away when we went through a powerful thunderstorm, complete with good amounts of lightning and hail, so much so that we had to stop driving until it passed.  We drove until about 9:30 when we decided that it was enough, and are staying the night in Hollis, OK, in a church parking lot (sorry, no Wal-Mart's here).

It was a beautiful day...clear skies with puffy clouds, open fields as far as you could see.  Warm, about 80-82 degrees all day. 

 Ed thought you'd get a kick out of this picture.  Every Ford truck has two letters, upside down, on the front frame, driver's side.  The new truck spells ED.







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