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Mar 22 - Signs

Pictures of signs along the way. What's that sign say behind the pet exercise area sign?  "Honey, have you seen the dog?"  The last one is from Tombstone.













Tuesday, March 22 - Poppies

Lots of poppies this Spring.




 Wednesday, March 23 - Tombstone and Tucson Sonoran Desert

Drove over to Tombstone this morning.  The town is all fixed up (probably better than it was when it was new) old west style with wide boardwalks.  Lots of places to spend your money. 


We saw the OK Corral and Boot Hill, then we were off to Tucson to spend the second half of the day at the Tucson Sonoran Desert Museum.  The hills were covered with Saguaro cactus. These grow to 50ft. regularly and up to 80ft., and live 150 to 200 years.  They weigh hundreds of pounds.

The desert museum has a wonderful collection of different varieties of cacti, desert animals, wildflowers, reptiles and birds.  All are indigenous to the Sonoran desert.  There were two nice aviaries.  One with just hummingbirds…you could see their nests and babies that were oh so tiny! 


























And we stopped at a library to pull up e-mail and then spend the night, guess where, with another fifteen RV’s at the Tucson Wal-Mart.



 Thursday, March 24 - Casa Grande

 We got a slow start this morning.  Ed woke up early and then worked on the web site update. 

We took a road north out of Tucson…very scenic. The desert is very green and lush with plants because of recent rains.  Every inch seems to be covered with some sort of desert plant.  We stopped at the Casa Grande ruins and learned about the Hohokan people who arrived possibly by 500 A.D.   We stayed at an RV park in Gila Bend.


 Friday, March 25 - to San Diego

 Happy 64th birthday, Ed!  With birthday money, we bought two nice backpacks with hydration packs that we hope to use in future hikes. The real birthday present for Ed, however, is this trip!  Today, as we drove west on I8, we literally ran into thousands of Spanish dancer (painted lady) butterflies migrating north. What a mess for about a 50-mile stretch.  It was car wash time for sure.

It is Good Friday, the beginning of a 4-day holiday for most people so, as we entered California, we saw hundreds (thousands?) of trailers and motor homes parked on about a 50-mile stretch of sand dunes on both sides of the road…lots of dune buggies and dirt bikes speeding every which way.

We arrived at the Johnson’s (Johnny and Lee – Patty’s uncle and aunt) house in Lakeside in the afternoon.  We are meeting Penny (Patty’s sister) on Sunday to visit with all of the aunts, uncles and cousins at Aunt Viva’s house in Spring Valley. Penny was down from her home in Durham, California (upstate) for a wedding.  We timed our visit to the San Diego area to be with Penny.

 Saturday, March 26 - Family in San Diego

 Had a nice morning visit with Lee and Johnny, then off to Aunt Viva’s to celebrate her 82nd 39th birthday.  We met up with her, Sterling (Viva’s son), Diane (Sterling’s wife), Sherry (Viva’s daughter) and Joe (her husband) for a very nice lunch at a restaurant on Coronado Island.  It was fun to visit and catch up.  Isn’t it great when relatives are friends? 





Sunday, March 27 - Easter

 HE IS RISEN! Easter Sunday.  A beautiful service at the Lakeside Community Presbyterian Church with Lee and Johnny.  We picked up Penny at Sunset Cliffs (south of Ocean Beach on the Pacific) and went to lunch at Viva’s.  Then we went to another of Patty’s aunts, Niece, for a visit.  We later returned to Sunset Cliffs and met with Penny’s friends Laura, Dave, and daughter Hannah.

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