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Monday, March 28 - Ships in San Diego




 We went sightseeing in San Diego with Penny, Laura & Hannah for most of the day.  Lots to see on the water.  In the evening, Penny went with us to see Lee and Johnny.  Rick and Laura were there, Viva too.  We went back to Sunset Cliffs area to spend the night.

Navy Ships:





Tuesday, March 29 - Sunset Cliffs Rd

    Morning: Ed working on the website update.  Patty and Penny took a long walk along Sunset Cliffs Rd that followed the cliffs along the ocean.  What beautiful views!...dotted with wildflowers, surfers, seabirds, ocean on one side and million dollar homes on the other.  We said our goodbyes to Penny and took a drive to the Point Loma Lighthouse, again great views overlooking San Diego and the ocean.  We headed back down to the bay area for seafood and a harbor cruise which was great.  As evening fell, we wandered over to Shelter Island which is really a peninsula that juts out into the bay.  We were able to spend the night just a few feet from the water's edge.  The sky was clear, the air was clean, and there was no wind, which made for wonderful sights of the night lights of San Diego shimmering on the bay water.

  Parked next to us was a motor home belonging to Jim Budd...a strong Christian with whom we spent several hours sharing God's goodness and faithfulness.

Wednesday, March 30 - Julian

    The sun comes up very early in California - 4:30 or so.  Anyway, we have been waking quite early ;). Next Sunday will be daylight savings time.  Shortly after 8 a.m., we picked up Viva for breakfast, then off to Lee and Johnny's to say goobye.  Once again on the move, we drove up into the mountains just east of the city.  In less than an hour, the temperature dropped from 74 to 54 degrees because of the higher elevation, about 4000 ft.  We're spending the night in Julian, an old gold mining town that now caters to the tourist trade and is known for the apples (and apple pies! Yum!) grown here. We found a spot in the parking lot of the old library building.

Thursday, March 31 - Borrego Springs State Park

    We left Julian early, and drove east towards the Salton Sea, but felt drawn to the Borrego Springs State park.  We stumbled into a birding group, enjoyed that, then stayed the day with a hike up to the Palm Groves, then a much needed shower and sewer dump.  We parked in the desert just east of the town, along with about 15 other snowbirds. 

Pictures taken in the Anzo Borrego Desert  on March 31.  The desert here has had more than its normal share of rain.








Look at the size of those trees along the stream!


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